Safety Matters
Safety Matters in November

Changing Light Conditions – Be Safe On the Road! Every November there is a huge increase in pedestrians and cyclists hit by cars.  Everyone driving needs to slow down and

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Safety Matters
COVID-19 UPDATE: Our Safety Plan!

Dear Clients of Earth Concerns Cleaning: We want to remind you of our safety precautions during the pandemic.  We are happy to provide service using maximum precaution and taking extra

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Reasons NOT to clean
Mocktail & Mocktini Guide

The keyword is “relaxation” Let us clean for you – so you can relax.  We offer residential cleaning in Toronto with safety guidelines during COVID.  Whatever stage we are at, we

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Cleaning Tips
Eco-friendly Oven Cleaning

Self Cleaning Ovens An oven is self-cleaning when you see “Clean” or “Self Clean” on the control panel. Don’t use product or scour in a self-cleaning oven.  Follow manual instructions

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