10 Reasons NOT TO CLEAN

10 Things to Do Instead of Cleaning this Weekend

As the weekend rolls around, cleaning chores can cloud weekend expectations. We offer residential cleaning in Toronto so that you can do the things you love or find more activities to love. We recommend fun and relaxing activities on the weekend for you and your family instead of cleaning! 

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1. Read a book you’ve been meaning to pick up

Pick up that book sitting on your dust-free shelf. This weekend is the perfect opportunity to delve into a book and travel through a story. The perfect way to relax. 

Spend your weekend browsing through bookstores instead of cleaning your house. See our guide to bookstores in Ontario.Travel your way through Ontario from bookstore to bookstore.

 2. Have a spa day at home

Sleep in, run a bath, and have an spa day at home! Relax and recharge this weekend in a clean bathtub that you did not have to clean yourself.

Our at-home spa post has great ideas for self-care and self-massage techniques to make every day extraordinary.

3. Change your walking routine

Explore your neighbourhood with fresh eyes or try a new route. Pick a destination that’s just a little different than usual and take in a new environment. Hiking is an all year adventure with new sights, smells, and sounds with each season and weather.

Find a new way and route with our walking & hiking guide.

4. Get outdoors and on the water!

We clean your home in Toronto so you can enjoy the outdoors. Get out on the lake, river or pond with a kayak, canoe or paddle board.

See rental locations in Toronto.


5. Try a new hobby, craft, or art!

The perfect time to build new skills with a new craft or art is now and always!  There is no age limit on learning and building skill. The hardest part is starting.

6. Return to an old craft or art!

Inspiration and creativity takes a lot of down time. Do you have a craft or art that you used to love, but just haven’t found the time for recently? Time to pick it back up.  Spend an hour this weekend rediscovering something you love. Or take time to do nothing, for that creative inspiration.

7. To bake or not to bake…

Enjoy a clean kitchen…  that you did not have to clean yourself. Baking is a great way to spend the day. And even more enjoyable for your family and friends who get to enjoy your baking. 

A freshly baked loaf of sourdough bread

If baking is not for you, enjoy baking vicariously by watching the Great Canadian Baking Show. Don’t forget to pick up some baked goods from your local bakery. 

8. Old classics and new! Board games rule!

Have a board game night. With so many awesome options today, it can be easy to forget about the classics. So pull them out of your cupboard, dust them off, and play them with your family.

9. Try a new workout

This week try a new workout! Work out at home on floors you did not have to clean yourself. The internet is full of workout ideas and the library has videos that you can download.

 10. Have a movie marathon

Enjoy sitting on your couch instead of cleaning it. Get the popcorn ready and have a movie marathon!  Theme the movies and spend a cozy day watching them! 

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!
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