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10 Reasons NOT TO CLEAN

10 Things to Do Instead of Cleaning this Weekend

As the weekend rolls around, cleaning chores can cloud weekend expectations.  We offer residential cleaning in Toronto with safety guidelines during COVID. During lockdowns in Toronto, we provide essential cleaning according to government guidelines and restrictions. Whatever stage we are at, we recommend fun and relaxing activities on the weekend for you and your family instead of cleaning!

1. Read that book you’ve been meaning to pick up

Pick up that book sitting on the shelf that you’ve been meaning to read.  This weekend is the perfect opportunity to delve into a book and travel through a story.  The perfect way to relax.

2. Have a spa day at home

Sleep in, run a bath, and have an at-home spa day!  Sleep in, run a bath, and have an spa day at home!  Relax and recharge this weekend with our spa collection. I recommend these Dead Sea Bath Salts, this revitalizing Body Wash, and the amazing konjac Sponge!

3. Change your walking route

Are your daily walks outside not so exciting anymore?  Maybe it’s time to try a new route!  Pick a destination that’s just a little different than usual and take in the new surroundings.  It’s sure to be a great pick-me-up.

4. Have a movie marathon

Get the popcorn ready and have a movie marathon!  Theme the movies and spend a cozy day watching them!  Want to watch with friends?  There are great plugins like Teleparty that allow you to synch up what you’re watching with friends in different places, so you can spend time together even when apart!

5. Try a new hobby, craft, or art!

The perfect time to build new skills with a new craft or art is now and always!  My mom is learning to draw and paint in her seventies. My sister taught herself to recognize birds by their call. My dad taught himself photography in his twenties and his passion for photography has outlasted more than fifty years of technology. The fabric of knowledge is all around you even in isolation.

6. Return to an old craft or art!

Inspiration and creativity takes a lot of down time. Do you have a craft or art that you used to love, but just haven’t found the time for recently? Time to pick it back up.  Spend an hour this weekend rediscovering something you love. Or take time to do nothing, for that creative inspiration.

7. Dessert

Comfort food is a must these days.  Do you have a favourite sweet treat?  Why not try baking your own version of it.  It’s a great way to spend the day and you can even share with friends and family by dropping off your creation at their homes!

8. Old classics and new! Board games rule!

Have a board game night. With so many awesome options today, it can be easy to forget about the classics. So pull them out of your cupboard, dust them off, and play them with your family. 

9. Try a new workout

It’s always important to exercise, but even more so when you’re stuck at home in winter.  This week try a new workout! There are so many videos out there that you can try for free on YouTube.  Or, if you have a favourite studio, support them and sign up for a live online class!

10. Order in from your favourite restaurant

These days, it’s so important to continue to support small businesses like restaurants.  If you want a break from cooking, pick up the phone and place an order at your favourite local restaurant.  We all need a day without cooking or cleaning!

Hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend!

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