Clients need to have products and tools on the job-site. Moving tools and cloths from house to house is not hygienic and a potential allergy, bug, and virus issue. Cleaning teams who drive around the city spend 50% of their time in the car. Staff at Earth Concerns Cleaning use public transit or bicycles to access the job-site. We do not have a fleet of cars driving products and tools around the city out of respect for our local air quality and our world environment. 

basic cleaning products

You can purchase products through Earth Concerns CLEANING or support your local store. Products need to be eco-friendly for the health of staff. For health and safety, staff cannot use products containing any amount of chlorine bleach or ammonia. Links to products we sell in bold or click on an image.

* For those who have a preference for simple basics ( soap, baking soda & vinegar).
* Make sure to let us know if want vinegar or baking soda used in your home or not.
** If you have a preferred product for floors, please provide info for our base job-note.

tools for cleaning

  • Vacuum Cleaner
  • Mop & Bucket
  • Broom & Dustpan
  • Toilet Brush for each toilet
  • Microfiber Cloths (3 per bathroom, 3 per kitchen, 3 for each floor/level)
  • Scouring pad for any area that requires scouring (separate scouring pad for each bathroom and kitchen)


  • Dust mop with extension tool for high dusting
  • 12″ Squeegee
  • Extra cloths on hand
  • 2nd Bucket for cleaning surfaces with concentrated cleaners (separate from mopping bucket)

start-up product package value of $56.10

Package of 5 basic eco-friendly products with 6 microfiber cloths and 2 scouring pads. 

Book a clean and pay $40 for this start-up package.

Order through office ahead of your clean.

We care about our local and world environment . . . our staff, our communities, and fellow entrepreneurs.