Toronto House Cleaning Service

We are a worker positive, eco-friendly house cleaning service for people who want great reliable consistent house cleaning from a company that values their workers.

eco-friendly green cleaning

For the health of our communities

about us

Allison began cleaning homes, apartments, and condos in 1995. As an environmentalist, she always used non-toxic, eco-safe products and techniques. Earth Concerns Cleaning was the first eco-friendly Toronto cleaning service dedicated to green cleaning. We set the stage for green cleaning with work-positive and fair-trade initiatives to retain and support staff. Our staff are full employees with fair pay and benefits, bonded and insured, and covered by WSIB.

Staff are trained to use environmental products and techniques to meet expectation, speed, and safety requirements. Our goal is to provide a healthy cleaning option for both client and staff while maintaining high cleaning standards and a positive work environment. We customize and schedule the clean to suit the needs of you and your family.

why environmental

Most of us understand the need to consider the environment when it comes to chemicals in the home and office. We even get the need to consider our health and our families by not adding unnecessary chemicals to our homes. Chemicals in cleaning products can be neurotoxins, carcinogens, teratogens, hormone disruptors, and triggers for allergies and asthma. We consider the health and safety of the cleaner at Earth Concerns Cleaning. Our staff work with cleaning products every work day and the health consequences for cleaners have not been fully studied.

High asthma rates of cleaners in the US have been attributed to chemicals found in cleaning products. Our clients provide a healthy work environment with their own commitment to health and the environment.

worker positive

Our staff are full employees whether they are full time or part time. We pay payroll taxes, WSIB, vacation pay, holiday pay, sick pay, and respect Ontario employment standards. Our starting wage is well above minimum wage and we pay by time including staff travel time. We have benefits for full time employees that includes dental, extended health, travel and life insurance. We have chosen not to do piece work or hire contract workers because it fails to protect vulnerable workers in the workforce.

At Earth Concerns Cleaning, we pay for travel time between work sites, to the office and meeting time. We also pay a travel allowance which goes towards staff’s transit costs like TTC or bike. Part of a healthy work environment are policies established by Earth Concerns Cleaning in order to provide a respectful workplace for staff.