Honest, Reliable, Quality Cleaning

Earth Concerns Cleaning cleans your house, condo, and apartment with eco-friendly green cleaning techniques for the health of the client, the staff, the community, and the world environment. 

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honest, reliable, consistent staff

Earth Concerns Cleaning provides insured, bonded and trained staff. We employ the best house cleaners and raise their standards as green cleaners. Staff are trained on eco-friendly cleaning products and green techniques as well as expectation, safety, confidentiality and security requirements on the job.

The office produces a job-note for your home which is based on your preferences for your home beyond standard expectation. Some clients prefer staff to work with a priority list and a set time frame. The job-note is a guideline for staff on your home along with any special requests or details. The job-note also serves to provide cautions about your home, pet instructions, and personal preferences

Client Satisfaction

Our goal is to provide the best eco-friendly cleaning service for your condo, apartment, and home in downtown Toronto. Our staff will do the best possible job they can in the time they have available. Since the condition of each home varies, it is possible that they may not be able to complete the job in the time available. If you choose not to book additional time, staff will do the best job they can in the time available. Work that is not completed due to the time restraints of the booking, extra job requests, fine details, or buildup, will require an additional booking according to staff availability.

We welcome feedback from clients at any time. Call or email us to discuss your needs and directives for staff. We update job-notes for your home based on your preferences.

If the work done is not to your satisfaction, please call us within 24 hours. We can schedule staff to come in and redo work if needed (at no additional cost to you). Scheduling is dependent on access to the site. Requests received by our office after 24 hours will be incorporated into your next cleaning.