Safety Matters in November

Changing Light Conditions - Be Safe On the Road!

Every November there is a huge increase in pedestrians and cyclists hit by cars.  Everyone driving needs to slow down and be more alert with the changing light conditions.  Even when there is sunlight, it is low on the horizon creating poor conditions for visibility.  Stop to look before you turn right.  Look for bikes and pedestrians both in and out of your vision.

For those of us walking, stay alert at all intersections and keep your head up.  Don’t pay attention to texts or calls until you are on the other side of the street.  Avoid stepping out on the road from between parked cars.  Choose a fall jacket with high visibility colours.

If you are riding a bike, make sure your lights are working and visible.  Wear high visibility colours or reflective safety bands or vests.  Helmets are very cool – they save lives.

Daylight Savings Time

After clocks go back, fatal traffic accidents increase in the week after.  Despite gaining an hour, the change still disrupts circadian rhythms and sleep patterns, leading to more fatigue and errors in judgement.  Prioritize your sleep ahead of the change. 

Test Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Please take a moment before your next clean to verify your smoke detectors and CO detectors are working on each floor of your home or office.  This simple procedure will save your family and workers in your home from the hazards of fire and carbon monoxide.