Health & Safety Matters: COVID-19 Safety Plan!

Dear Clients of Earth Concerns Cleaning:

We work towards a respectful environment that takes everyone’s needs into consideration. We are happy to provide service using maximum precaution and taking extra steps in your home.

🏠 In your own home, you can opt to have us wear masks. Some staff may still choose to wear a mask when cleaning.

✅ Requirements ✅

  1. No one is at home isolating due to an infectious respiratory illness or cold.
  2. No one at home has tested positive for an infectious illness.

⚠️ Safety During the Clean ⚠️

✅ Staff do not go to work when sick.

😷  Clients may request a staff wear a mask while cleaning.

😷 😷 Staff and clients may request masks are worn when in close proximity.

↔️ A distance of one room between you and the cleaner is still a great practice. 

❌ Cancellation Policy ❌

🤝 Cancellations that occur less than 2 business days prior to a booking are billed for the full time booked. This covers the cost of holding the booking in staff schedules, and allows us to maintain our great team of staff. 

🤝 We ask for courtesy notice of 2 weeks for changes to the schedule out of respect for staff and the office.

🤝 Staff can stop work any time they feel unsafe. The right to refuse work at any time for health and safety is a core message in training and we reinforce it daily here. Clients are billed for the full booking when the safety issue was avoidable and due to client negligence.

Thanks for your cooperation! If you have any Qs, feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe.
Allison Sletcher
earth concerns CLEANIN