Health & Safety Matters: COVID-19 Safety Plan!

Dear Clients of Earth Concerns Cleaning:

We continue to take safety precautions for staff safety.

🏠 We are happy to provide service using maximum precaution and taking extra steps to clean touch zones in the home, if the conditions below are met:

✅ Requirements ✅

  1. No one is at home isolating due to symptom(s) of any infectious respiratory illness or cold.
  2. No one is at home isolating due to a positive test result for an infectious disease.
  3. No one is at home with new or worsening symptoms of any infectious respiratory illness or cold.

⚠️ Safety During the Clean ⚠️

✅ Staff do not go to work when sick.

😷 😷 Clients and staff wear a mask when in the same room or passing through the same area.

↔️ A distance of one room is required from staff working. (open concept areas are considered one room)

🚫 Staff will ask clients to exit an area before they enter in order to stay one room apart.

👣 We can help choreograph the clean to make sense for your whole household. Ask us for our email on: how to choreograph the clean.

❌ Cancellation Policy ❌

🤝 Cancellations that occur less than 2 business days prior to a booking are billed for the full time booked. This covers the cost of holding the booking in staff schedules, and allows us to maintain our great team of staff. 

🤝 We ask for courtesy notice of 2 weeks for changes to the schedule out of respect for staff and the office.

🤝 Staff can stop work any time they feel unsafe. The right to refuse work at any time for health and safety is a core message in training and we reinforce it daily here. Clients are billed for the full booking when the safety issue was avoidable and due to client negligence (for example: clients refusing to distance or wear a mask around staff)

Thanks for your cooperation! If you have any Qs, feel free to get in touch.

Stay safe.
Allison Sletcher
earth concerns CLEANING