EARTH MAMA Organic Booby Tubes (1 pair) gel-free

EARTH MAMA Organic Booby Tubes are viral shaped breast packs for breastfeeding.  Gel-FREE.  Organic cotton shells ARE filled with flax seeds – use warm or cold to ease breastfeeding discomfort.  Heat encourages milk flow, prevents clogged ducts, and promotes let-down (Heat 20-40 seconds – depending on your microwave). Use cold to reduce swelling and tenderness of engorgement and weaning  (Cool in the freezer).  Can also be used for bumps & bruises, sick & crampy tummies, tired & sore muscles.  Organic.  NON-GMO.  Cruelty-FREE.  NO-pretroleum.  NO-Parabans.  NO-preservatives.  NO-synthetic fragrances.  NO-lanolin.  Eco-packaging is recycled cardboard, with no bleach, dyes or glue. 100% recyclable.


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