ATTITUDE extra gentle Conditioner for sensitive-skin 240g

ATTITUDE extra gentle Conditioners for sensitive skin and all hair types (see below).  Moisturize each strand for manageable hair.  Hypoallergenic.  Dermatologically-tested.  EWG Verified.  ECOLOGO Certified.  Sustainable.  Biodegradable.  PETA Certified.  Cruelty-free.  Vegan.  NO-Phenoxyethanol.  NO-Parabens.  NO-Formaldehyde.  NO-Formaldehyde releasers.  NO-Benzyl Alcohol.  NO-MIT.  Free of endocrine disruptors.  NO-BHA.  NO-BHT.  NO-Phthalate .  NO-Triclosan.  Made in Québec-Canada.

Volumizing & Fragrance Free:
Designed for sensitive skin and fine hair, made with oatmeal extract to moisturizes and nourish.  Fragrance-free for scent-sensitive folk and a scent-free workplace.  Moisturize and volumize each strand for manageable hair.

Smoothing & Volumizing with Chamomile:
Heals dry hair and scalp while strengthening fine hair.  Moisturizes, soothes, and restores hair and scalp for a silky shine and bounce.

Nourish & Shine with Avocado-oil:
Rich fatty acids stimulate growth, moisturize, and heal dry and damaged hair to healthy shine. Soothes and repairs sensitive scalp and coloured hair.

Repair & Colour Protection with Argan-oil:
Protects, nourishes, and restores dry and coloured hair to a soft, silky bounce. Provides skin repair to sensitive skin and scalp.  Colour protection that prevents color from fading.  A delicate nutty vanilla scent.