ATTITUDE Conditioner for kids 240ml

ATTITUDEโ€™s Conditioner for kids is an all-natural detangling conditioner, perfect for curls, snarls, or straight hair.ย  Choose from light scent of mango, vanilla pear, and watermelon coco.ย  Made only with natural, hypoallergenic, and plant-based ingredients, this gentle product helps to limit the adhesion of pollutant particles on your little oneโ€™s hair and scalp.ย  NO-Parabens.ย  NO-Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde Releasers.ย  NO Petrochemical Derivatives. NO Sulphates. Dermatologist Tested.ย  Verified by the National Eczema Association.ย  Hypoallergenic.ย  Cruelty-Free.ย  Vegan.ย  EWG Verified. ECOLOGO certified.ย  PTPA Seal of Approval.ย  100% recyclable packaging.ย  Made in Canada.




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