5 hours of Intensive Cleaning

5 hours of Intensive Cleaning in downtown Toronto: South of Lawrence, West of Victoria Park, and East of Royal York.  The minimum cost for an intensive clean is 5 hours. A priority list is required to book an intensive clean.

After you send in your contact information, the office will contact you with booking options based on availability of staff.  A deposit of 5 hours per staff is required to hold booking.  Additional time required for the full booking is authorized in advance and processed according to time spent by staff.

By booking a clean, you agree to our Cleaning Service Terms.  Clients need to have vacuum, broom, mop, bucket, products and cloths at the job-site. See the  Cleaning Service page  for more info.

Intensive Cleaning is NOT extreme cleaning.  We are not extreme cleaners.  We are happy to answer any questions you have about expectation.


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  • Standard Expectation
  • Custom Requests
  • Intensive Expectation
  • NO Extreme Cleaning
Book enough time for your clean [include 30 - 60 minutes more for a 1st time clean]
> OR set a Time Cap and provide a cleaning list in order of priority!

Dusting throughout home including:
> High dusting of cobwebs, light fixtures, blinds
> Surface dusting of decor, shelves, window sills, banisters
> Low dusting of baseboards

Vacuuming, sweeping, mopping of all floor & stair surfaces

A clean of all surfaces in bathrooms including:
> Vanity, sink, & faucet
> Mirrors
> Bathtub/shower area
> Toilet - inside & outside bowl, base & behind
> Towel bar & toilet paper holder
> Garbage emptied

A clean of all surfaces in the kitchen including:
> Kitchen counters & backsplash
> Sink & faucet
> Exterior of kitchen cabinets & large appliances
> Exterior of small appliances
> Inside microwave
> Garbage emptied

Disinfecting touch points:
> Door knobs
> Light switches
> Banister railing

Waste baskets emptied throughout

Add enough time for custom expectations to your booking
>OR set a Time Cap with a list of standard and custom cleaning in order of priority!

Making bed (10 min per bed)
Making beds with fresh linens (15 min per bed)

Inside fridge quick wipe-out (15 min)
Inside fridge with no items to move (30 min)
Full inside fridge clean (45 - 60 min)

Clean range hood (15 - 30 min)

Empty & Fill dishwasher (30 minutes)

Pick up & organize (1 to 2 hrs)
Full wash of garbage can (10 - 15 min)

Spot cleaning walls (15 - 30 minutes)

Laundry without folding (additional 30 min of cleaning time per load)
Laundry with folding Laundry (1 to 2 hrs)

Sliding glass doors (20 - 30 min)

Washing of clear reachable window sills (5 min per window sill)

Inside of select windows (10 - 15 min for a reachable window)

Full wash of select radiators (15 - 20 min per radiator)

Full wash of staircase banister (20 - 30 min per floor)

For pre-move or spring/fall cleans, book 2-3x longer than a standard clean - even when the home is empty of furniture.
>OR set a Time Cap with a list of standard, custom, & intensive cleaning in order of priority!

Inside kitchen cabinets & drawers (1 - 2 hours)

Clean inside oven (45 - 60 minutes)
Full inside fridge clean (45 - 60 minutes)

Washing of reachable window sills (5 - 10 min per window sill)

Full wash of reachable baseboards (15 - 30 min per room)

Wash doors and doorframes (15 - 20 min per door)

Spot clean of walls (30 - 60 min)

Clean inside reachable windows (10 - 15 min per window)

Sliding glass doors (30 minutes)

Construction dust from minor repairs present in a room (clean time x2)
We do not use harsh chemicals, including but not limited to chlorine-bleach, ammonia, easy-off, CLR, etc...

We do not use cleaning products with heavy scents and fragrances.

We do not do construction or post-construction cleans.

We do not clean properties where there are bedbugs, a risk of bedbugs, or recent spraying for an infestation of bugs.

We do not handle feces, urine, vomit, or excessive bodily fluids from humans or pets.
We do not clean in any property where there is contagious illness, a risk of contagious illness, or excessive bodily fluids.

We do not:
steam clean carpets
clean exterior windows or outdoor spaces.
pack and move boxes for you
move heavy furniture or appliances.

We do not lift any weight beyond what staff can reasonably lift.

We do not provide service to anyone who shows disrespect for staff on the jobsite, by phone, email, or, social media.

We do not send staff into jobsites where there are health and safety concerns that are not addressed.
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