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The Cleaning Service

Allison Sletcher began using healthy cleaning options in her own home because of chemical sensitivities. In 1995, she started cleaning homes, apartments, and condos on her own using green cleaning products and techniques. Demand for eco-friendly home cleaning was just beginning but cleaners refused to give up on heavy chemicals. Thus, Earth Concerns Cleaning was the first eco-friendly cleaning service dedicated to green cleaning.

Earth Concerns Cleaning is an eco-friendly cleaning service for condos, apartments, houses, and your home within downtown Toronto.

Staff are trained to use environmental products and techniques to meet expectation, speed, and safety requirements. Our goal is to provide a healthy cleaning option for both client and staff while maintaining high cleaning standards and a positive work environment.

Currently our cleaning service area is downtown Toronto: South of Lawrence, West of Victoria Park, and East of Royal York.


We have expanded our product delivery beyond Toronto to all of Canada and we feature the best of innovative, health conscious cleaning and personal care products.

Our Product Delivery

Throughout the years, Earth Concerns Cleaning delivered products to our clients – initially because most stores did not carry alternative products and many clients had hectic lives and family schedules. Earth Concerns Cleaning always encouraged clients to support small local businesses providing healthy environmental products. As the years passed, eco-friendly products became less niche, more in demand, and supply increased. At the same time, Toronto roads became crowded – cars and traffic issues increased to all hours of the day – making delivery a costly venture when paying staff fairly. As better product options became more accessible locally, Earth Concerns Cleaning continued to focus on providing the best cleaning service and encouraging our clients to support local retail stores.

Earth Concerns Cleaning store

When Covid-19 hit, everything changed. The streets became deserted of people and cars, while businesses everywhere shut down. To get into a grocery store required lining up for a long time. For elderly clients, entering a store came with even higher risks. Eco-friendly and healthy products were no longer easily accessible. Providing delivery to our clients and expanding our product lines became a natural expression of the moment. Initially, Allison delivered product herself to the doorsteps of her clients. Savvy clients wanted to see our products online and order through our website. And so, it came to be . . . the Earth Concerns Cleaning store.

We are not amazonian - We have small business powers!

We care about our local and world environment . . . our staff, our communities, and fellow entrepreneurs.