The Best Eco-friendly Cleaners

Earth Concerns Cleaning provides insured, bonded and trained staff. We employ the best house cleaners and raise their standards as green cleaners. Staff are trained on eco-friendly cleaning products and green techniques as well as expectation, safety, confidentiality and security requirements on the job.

All staff are employed directly by Earth Concerns Cleaning and covered by EI, CPP, & WSIB. In addition, full time workers have access to Dental, Extended Health and Drug Benefits as well as Life Insurance.

The office negotiates the client & staff relationship and works towards effective communication between all parties. We set the standards and policies of the service to support both client and staff.


Staff are trained on privacy, confidentiality, and respect for work in the home and office at Earth Concerns Cleaning. Information pertaining to the client is treated with confidentiality and respect. No information given to Earth Concerns Cleaning is used for any other purposes than a price estimate and a job outline for staff.

Tipping / Gratuity

If you like to show your appreciation of staff through gratuity, you may leave a cash tip for staff (preferred method) or request the office add a tip amount to your invoice. The tip amount invoiced will be paid to the staff on their next paycheck.

Gratuities are gifts to show appreciation for staff. Gratuities are not based on extra work done in extra time. Make sure any extra time spent by staff is reflected on our billing invoice to ensure fair trade.


Earth Concerns Cleaning incurs great expense and energy hiring, training, and maintaining staff. Staff are not contract workers and have made a commitment to work for our company. If you wish to hire a current or former staff within 24 months of your last booking, a referral fee of $10,000 applies. By using Earth Concerns Cleaning’s services, you agree to this referral fee.