The office prepares a base job-note for your clean in the background. If you have personal preferences and notes for staff, the job-note ensures all staff get the same base of notes. If you want staff to retrieve and return products and tools to their storage location, location notes are a valuable time saver for you and staff.

Some clients want to orient staff to their home the first time they clean. Staff are trained to navigate a home when the client is not present. The time you take to orient staff is billable time as staff are paid for that time. Feel free to take that time if you prefer but do not feel obligated as we can create a base job-notes to reflect your needs. Anything you tell the staff on the job-site will not enter the job-notes unless you inform the office of the information as well.

Clearing surfaces

For a faster more efficient clean, clear surfaces and put away clothing, toys, personal, and household items as much as possible. Pick up and movement of items decreases the time and subsequent cost to cover surface areas during the clean. Put away valuables, heirlooms, collectibles, precious, and, irreplaceable items before the clean. If an item cannot be put away, inform the office to exclude the item or area from cleaning.

Custom requests & pick up

Clients who request pick-up time or custom cleaning as a part of their standard clean can expect more time taken for the clean and a fluctuation of time expectation. Estimates do not include time for pick-up or intensive cleaning requests due to the variable nature of these tasks.