Regular Standard Cleaning - weekly, biweekly, monthly, or occasional

Standard cleans are billed at $37.50 per hour. Minimum booking time per staff is 3 hours.

The average cost of a home in Toronto is $150.00
The average cost of an apartment is $112.50

The hourly rate is based on each staff member in the home.  The cost is set to compensate staff well for work done and travel time between jobs.  Work is billed by time according to staff arrival time.  Time spent accessing the jobsite is included in billing.

The cleaning rate does not include products and tools. Click here for products and tools needed on site.

Time is dependent on . . .

  • general size of home, number of bathrooms, floors, bedrooms
  • lifestyle: minimalist to clutter prone
  • activity within home: number of adults, children and pets
  • client expectation: custom cleaning requirements
  • frequency of clean: weekly, biweekly, monthly, occasional
  • Time Cap – set time requested by client. Clients requesting Time Caps must book more time if their expectation cannot be completed in the time set.

Get an Estimate

For an estimate of standard cleaning time, call us at 416-535-9397 or try our online estimate.

Intensive Cleaning

Intensive Cleaning (spring, fall, pre-move, and post-move cleans) are billed at a rate of $47.50 per hour. The minimum for an intensive clean is 5 hours.

The cleaning rate does not include products and tools. Click here for products and tools needed on site.

Regular clients get priority in our schedule at all times – including for intensive cleans. If there is staff availability for the day/times you need and you have the products and tools on site, we can book an intensive clean for you as a first time client.

We DON’T do post-construction cleans or extreme cleaning.
We DON’T do cleaning in homes requiring insect-spraying or an exterminator – if you have cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs or any infestation that requires treatment, you need an extreme cleaning company and an exterminator.

The small print . . .

All prices above are subject to applicable taxes (HST).
All prices and discounts are subject to change. Estimates for regular cleans reflect the current rate at the time. Failure to receive or read notification of price increases to cleaning service does not prevent scheduled increases.
Products and tools are not included in the price of the clean