Frequently Asked Questions

Our rate for standard cleaning is $35/hour.  The occasional pre-move/post-move, spring/fall intensive cleaning is $42/hour. Rate per hour is for one staff cleaning.  The cleaning rate does not include products and tools.  Products and tools must be available on the work-site.  If you are not already set up with green cleaning products in your home or office, click here for products & tools you need.

Regular weekly & biweekly clients get a 10% discount on their rate.

Earth Concerns Cleaning sends one or two people into your home depending on the schedule.  More staff may be needed for intensive work.

During unprecedented times like COVID-19, staff work individually at all times for best social distancing practice

As long as no one in your household has been sick or is at risk of infection in the last two weeks: We are happy to provide service using maximum precaution and taking extra steps to clean touch zones in the home.  We will send you the latest updated email on practices and how to choreograph your clean prior to your first clean.


  1. No one is feeling ill – client or staff.
  2. No one has traveled or is at risk of Covid-19 through recent contact in the past two weeks.
  3. Staff can stay one room apart from household members at all times – including entering the home.


  1. Staff wear masks and/or face shields while cleaning and travelling on the TTC.
  2. A distance of one room is required at all times.  Staff will ask clients to exit an area before they enter in order to stay one room apart.  Staff may call you from inside the home to communicate the next area they need to be in.
  3. Staff wash their hands upon arrival, before and after taking off gloves, and at every stage of the clean.  They have their own liquid castile soap for this purpose.
  4. Staff will not empty garbage containers without plastic liners that can be removed and tied safely.  We ask that any sharp item like raiser blades or broken glass be properly wrapped in a paper bag or cardboard box before being placed in garbage bins.

Keeping Distance

  1. Staff call you to arrange safe entry when they arrive.  If there is no key or keypad access, leave the door open and go about your business.  Staff can enter and start working.
  2. Simple short directives beyond the basic job-note can be communicated by phone.  Written instructions  beyond the basic job-note can be given to staff on the day of a clean.
  3. Getting out of the house is encouraged but can’t always be managed.  If you are not able to exit the home for the time, staff work in areas opposite to your location.  We can help you choreograph your clean.
  4. If you wear a mask, you can talk to staff from no less than 2 meters away.  Within an enclosed environment, keep it brief or talk from outside the room or the doorway. 

Disinfecting surfaces

Hydrogen peroxide can be applied after staff have cleaned the surface with soap and water.  Nature Clean Non-Chlorine Liquid Bleach is 5% Hyrdogen Peroxide.  We do not use chlorine bleach for staff health and the world environment.


Yes. You can have a Time Cap set along with a priority list. But be aware that our booking minimum is 3 hours. If expectation cannot be met in the TIME CAP, you must book additional time for that work to be done. Staff work at moderate speed with their long term health and safety in mind. TIME CAPS are not appropriate if you expect more done than the time allows. If your last cleaner was faster than everyone else, there may be a reason your last cleaner is no longer cleaning.

It is not possible to schedule staff every three weeks since all staff have a rotating biweekly schedule.  You can book, weekly, biweekly, or every four weeks (our version of monthly).  However, you can book occasionally. Call us every three weeks and book a clean according to openings in the schedule.  The clean may fall on different days and times with different staff.

We require at least two business days (48 hours) notice of a last minute cancellation or change.  Time of notice is the time the email or phone call is received in the office.  Office hours are Monday to Friday 9 – 4.  Late cancellations are billed for the full booked time.  If staff arrive during the requested cleaning day and time and they are turned away or cannot gain entrance, the client is billed for the time booked.

Courtesy time for notice – out of respect for staff – is 2 weeks to ensure good work schedules for all staff.  Client cancelling last minute repeatedly will be refused further service in order to maintain staff.

Our cancellation policy is set to ensure staff have sustainable work schedules and pay – as much as reasonably possible.

The office will follow up your first clean with a feedback call or email.  However you are welcome to provide feedback to the office by phone or email at any time.  For simple directions you’d like to pass on to staff, you may communicate with staff directly or with a note.  Feedback that goes through the office, can be added to the job-note for your home.

You will determine whether our service meets your needs.  You can always tweak the clean according to your preferences.  Feedback helps us understand you as a client.  Although all clients expect a thorough cleaning, some have preference for more time taken for details and others prefer a faster clean that hits key areas.  Sometimes client preferences change with life changes over the years.  If you are unhappy with our service, please call us to give us a chance to resolve the situation.  Click here for more on client satisfaction. 

Our office is open to your feedback in order to address areas that need improvement.  If staff cleaning show a blind spot, we can address the area of concern with staff.  If your concerns are greater than one item missed or done poorly, we will offer to send in another staff to correct the problem for you.  When required and if we know within 24 hours, we can have staff come in and redo areas not done well.

Turnover does happen. Over the years, Earth Concerns Cleaning has focused on a positive work environment to limit turnover and we are getting results.  But turnover doesn’t always happen for bad reasons.  We celebrate staff who move onto better opportunities or complete school and enter into a new career option.  Sometimes staff choose to visit family for extended periods because they have worked long and hard to save up for it.  You are always informed of any changes ahead of time.

We try to accommodate start time requests to the best of our ability but there are certain limits. Available times are set by the existing schedule, travel times, and, staff availability. 

Despite given start-times, natural variation in travel time, ongoing TTC delays over the years has made start-times more variable – sometimes up to a half hour but longer in extreme situations. This proves inconvenient to both client and staff.

Please have an access plan in the event of a delay or an early arrival. Clients are expected to make sure staff have access to the jobsite, are not waiting outside in all types of weather, and are not turned away at the door. During COVID-19 staff cannot wait in public places, for example, sit down in a cafe, go to a library, or, wait in a lobby area.

We can try to accommodate nap times but may be limited in what we have to offer based on a complex schedule.  With the bad track record of the TTC having delays, a tight schedule may not always work out.  We train staff to be sensitive to the needs of the home (cause nap time doesn’t always happen when you expect) and follow client or nanny directives.  By starting in one area and working in others later, nap time can be worked around.

Yes.  During slow seasons, we send out select cleaning specials to occasional clients.  Contact us and ask us to send you emails for any upcoming cleaning specials.  Many of our products are already reduced in price.  The coupon code FRIEND-f8mb7 gives you 10% off of all non-sale products.  We also have coupon codes for select products in your cart.  Check out our facebook page and twitter feed for recent sales and our hashtag #flashSALE

Contact us to see if we have a coupon code for you.  If your coupon has expired, maybe there is a new coupon for you.